About Us

ArtLand was born from the minds of Graham Parker and Jeremy Parish. Their 30 years of experience in the animation fine art industry brings beautifully new and creative contemporary interpretive art and collectibles; under licence, to collectors worldwide.

Jeremy Parish, a finance director for a plc company works together with Graham to bring some of the best art to collectors from all of the leading studios.

Graham Parker founded and owned The Animation Art Gallery in 1992 the prestigious West End gallery sat in central London was host to many famous figures in the animation art world such as, David Jason (voice of Danger Mouse and Duckula), Gerry Anderson (creator of Thunderbirds), Nick Park (creator of Wallace and Gromit) and many more. Through Graham’s connections to Disney, ACME and more ArtLand is able to provide the very best from original cels used in animation creation to new contemporary artists interpretations of animated films and programmes.

Graham’s extensive knowledge of original production art used in the making of animated films gave him a unique position within the art and collectibles market, over the years in response to the changing market demands he now is based primarily online.

Focusing more towards interpretive limited editions which celebrate artist individuality and are an expression of different viewpoints of their chosen films.

Artland is always on the lookout for fresh up and upcoming talent to share with the world and are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to work with partner galleries. ArtLand will continue to work with leading artists all over the world bringing imaginative creations from the films we all loved as both kids and adults.

Artland works with galleries and events on a consignment basis with a very fair and trustworthy work ethic and pricing system. Please view our Art Consignment page for more information. Alternatively, please contact us through our Contact Us form if you wish to showcase any art pieces in your galleries, buy outright or if you would like to be an artist with us.